Thanks for your entries 2020

Amazing, Wonderful, Fantastic, Brilliant!!!!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this, our first “online” show.

Ludgvan Horticultural Society are saddened that your show cannot go ahead in 2020 as it has for the past 117 years. Through thick & thin the Horticultural Show has defied storm & tempest & two world wars to continue this wonderful community event that showcases the skills & dedication to gardening of our residents and those from surrounding districts. It has taken this devastating virus of Covid-19 to bring our much loved customary summer pastimes to a halt, but, it has not dimmed your passion for gardening and producing vegetables and creating great works of art and handicrafts.

Your entries for this first online “virtual” show are simply stunning and the Horticultural Society would like to thank you all for your enthusiastic support. Well over 200 photos entered, and although there are no prizes this year, we are sure that you will have your favourites.

Now that you have found the Societies website, we hope that you like what you see. We will continue to develop the website and update regularly with information on the Societies activities, such as our regular winter illustrated talks, plant sales and Garden visits, so please check back here occasionally to find out what’s going on. Thank you once again and continue to enjoy your gardening!

The Society would like to thank the all who have assisted to make our past Annual Shows such a success and I trust this โ€œon-lineโ€ show fulfils your expectations.

Data Protection. Please note that the Society will retain your name, address, and telephone number so that we may contact you. We will endeavour to fully protect this information which is seen by a small number of the committee.

A message from our Chairman:

Thank you everyone, this is a new venture for us. I am impressed with the entries especially in the Art/Handicraft section. It is difficult to select from so many but one of my favourite’s is The Butterfly from the Cheshire Home.

We should be grateful if you could please pass on your comments about this ” Online Show”  so that they can be shared on our website.I hope we can come together next year in person but if not we can expand this method of displaying our exhibits . Many thanks to all the members of the committee for this year’s show.


As before please forward your name and address and if possible your telephone number with your comments.

Yours sincerely

Steve Clothier

Chairman of the Ludgvan Horticultural Society

2 thoughts on “Thanks for your entries 2020

  1. A big ” Thank you ” to all who entered photos, and to all those involved with time and computer skills in placing them online in this very clever way..
    I have really enjoyed looking at these many times over, and I think this is one “Silver lining ” to having no actual show, very sad though it certainly is.
    Another good side is being able to see the amazing plots from where all the fantastic produce comes, and to admire the veg etc actually growing…
    I particularly love the colourful, vibrant photo with combination of a bowl of redcurrants, alongside a bowl of veg with flowers placed upon them ,such a beautiful harvest.(that assemblage would not have fitted the show categories so a bonus ) .
    I felt that I was able to have a “Gardens open ” tour although Covid prevented the real thing, and to see all the beauties of our coast. The pics in this section by children were excellent …, how helpful the black dog was to pose with the Mount in one photo, such great composition !
    Disadvantages, of course, were that despite gazing at the show cake pics, I could not eat them,…. no lovely tea and bountiful cakes in the side hall with tablecloths and flower jugs…(watching the cricket ! ).
    We could not smell the perfumes of all the fruit and flower exhibits and of course not mingle and chat with others in the happy scene which we enjoy each year at the show.
    I missed being amazed by the fruit/veg/plant material creatures that always make me smile.,plus other categories.
    However as I say, the folk responsible have done a marvellous job putting this all together for us all to enjoy…. THANK YOU again.
    I do hope nothing will prevent the show next year, however if so, perhaps anyone who doesn’t have the photography/computer skills to enter could contact the comittee or a friend..They might then be able to visit and take photos for them, so that those photos could be submitted on their behalf. I don’t like to think of anyone being unable to enter if they wished.
    Grateful good wishes.

  2. Hi Iโ€™m the lady whom did the butterfly from St Teresas
    Thank you for mentioning it in your write up

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