Our November 2022 talk

A good number of members plus a few visitors turned out at the Murley Hall last night to hear John Lanyon, Head Gardener at Trelissick & Glendurgan, give us a little historical information of the development of Trelissick House & Gardens and the people who came before him & how they helped shape the gardens of today.

He showed us plans & pictures of how the house and walled garden looked in the last century or two which included pictures of a well stocked walled garden. John now is well advanced in his plans to return the now vacant walled garden to it’s 18th century glory.

Just about every fruit you can think of will be planted from peaches & plums avocados & pomegranites. John was particularly enthusiastic in his praise for one apple variety, the Cornish Gillyflower. He told us that although the fruit was brown & wrinkled and not particularly attractive, when the fruit entered your mouth and excited your tastebuds, it became the best in the world.

Plans at Trelissick

At the heart of Trelissick there is a 2-acre walled garden, which for many years was called the ‘Fruit Garden of Cornwall. After careful planning we want to create a 21st century productive walled garden- growing apples, pears, maybe more exotic peaches, and apricots where it once was. The ambition is for it to look and feel like the traditional walled kitchen garden it once was but designed very much with the future in mind. As part of Trelissick’s transformation, the existing car park will be redeveloped, new walks and pastures created.

The National Trust have received donations to support the project and construction is underway. A very interesting talk, well presented, thank you John Lanyon for your presentation. Refreshments were provided by Ros & Jill, thank you ladies.

Our next event at the Murley Hall will be our annual festive display demonstration on Monday 5th December at 7.30pm