diary – Monday 22nd March 2021

Monday 22nd March – Dry, cloudy morning, light wind. The first peas beginning to break surface now, how exciting, spring has sprung. Across the allotment there are signs of life, the gooseberry bushes are leafing up as are the raspberries and blackcurrants. The earliest apple I have is the James Grieve and it’s buds are beginning to open. Rhubarb leaves are growing bigger by the day. In the potting shed there are leek & onion seedlings breaking surface and my cuttings from the Welsh kale seem to be taking in their pots.

The prolonged dry weather has spurred me into maintenance of my picnic table, for many years it has stood, un-cared for while supporting many family picnics on the allotment. Now I am determined to get the sander out and renovate the wooden surface and apply some decking oil to help preserve the wood and look forward to summer picnics with the grand-children!