Diary Monday 29 March 2021

Monday 29th March 2021

Cold, windy morning but the sun came out at lunchtime, wonderful afternoon.

I noticed the first of the Maris Peer potatoes pushing through the soil this morning, 4 weeks after planting.

Something is biting off the heads of the peas as they break through the surface, possibly birds or maybe mice? I decided this year to sow the pea seed direct in the ground to save the hassle of a large quantity of pea trays to bring on and then transplant, perhaps, in hindsight, a mistake.

Generally though, spring has sprung and the allotment is coming to life. There are buds opening everyday on the apple trees, the one pear tree and both of my Victoria plum trees. I moved all of my gooseberry bushes in January, to create more space for vegetable crops, and they are well into leaf now. Also, the rhubarb plants that were moved in late January, seem to have settled and are now producing leaf and stalk.

I transplanted some bamboo several years ago, and put them beside my greenhouse, mistake. The bamboo has sent out shoots and they are coming up inside the greenhouse. So today I started digging out the compost in the greenhouse to expose the bamboo shoots and next I have to dig down between the greenhouse and the parent bamboo plant to find the naughty shoots and sever them close to the parent and then perhaps sink a barrier to stop future excursions into the greenhouse.

Sowed some sweetcorn seed into trays and popped them on the windowsill in the front room for a bit of warmth to get them germinating. Email some of your gardening experiences, tell us about your successes and maybe your failures so that we can learn from them!! ludgvanhs@hotmail.co.uk